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SEO Copywriter for the Pet Industry

Do you want a website that draws traffic?

An undeniable presence in the marketplace? 

A pet business that sustains you - not the other way around?


Perfect! That’s exactly what I do.  


Every day I help pet businesses like yours build an audience, crush their sales goals, and find a scroll-stopping voice for their brand. 

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Start your pet business.

(No...I mean really start.)

So, you own a pet business. Why? 


Seriously. Why a pet business?


Were you following your passion? Were you trying to make an impact? Or - I mean, let’s just say it - did you think you’d make lots of money?


Probably a combo of the above, yes?


But not enough people know about your pet business. Not yet. You were hoping for more leads, better leads, a sustainable reach - that’s what turns a hustle into a profitable pet business.

Your online presence matters. You know that. But content marketing, landing pages, blogging for SEO - that’s not your thing.


(I’m afraid you’re still gonna need it.)


You need an optimized content strategy. Something that collects good customers and delivers them to your door.


You need someone who speaks Google’s language but doesn’t sound like a robot to your clients. 


You need a good SEO Copywriter

Whoa. Wait. ​What’s an SEO copywriter?

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Me. I am. 


I write persuasive copy for pet businesses. Copy that helps them grow. Copy that’s specifically geared to attract attention from Google and ideal clients. 

  • Make your pet business rise above the rest 

  • Build a go-to website in the marketplace

  • Connect with ideal, pre-qualified clients

  • Stop wasting money on "advertising roulette"

  • Create a consistent inbound business

  • Save LOTS of time and effort

With tightly optimized content we can move you up Google’s rankings - while still delivering a persuasive, authentic message to the pet owners who need it most.


So, it’s time to ask yourself, “What am I really doing here?”


If you’re ready to grow your business  - for real - here’s how we start…





Book your FREE Website Audit below.


I'll tell you what’s holding your site back,

and what potential you're currently leaving on the table.


No website, yet? Starting from scratch?

Got it!

Tap Below for a FREE Build Consultation.

We can discuss your goals and budget.

Then sketch out a strategy to get things moving ASAP. 

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Optimized Blogs⬩Website Copy ⬩Product Pages ⬩Landing Pages⬩Newsletters⬩Opt-Ins
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Muscular SEO and One-Of-A-Kind Copy

I'll seamlessly blend optimization with fresh, fun copy. This drives up your traffic and reduces your bounce rate.

Psychographic Analysis

As your SEO copywriter, I’ll help keep your content relevant to the right people. We’ll define your audience and voice sharply targeting your ideal clients. 

Thoroughly Researched Copy

This will build a trail of dependable content associated with your site. This raises your status as an authoritative resource - boosting your value to Google and the marketplace. 

Efficient, Dependable Turnaround  

Copy is always returned on time and formatted for immediate use, with one round of edits included. If I say something will happen on Wednesday…it happens on Wednesday. 


As to pricing, well…it's challenging. One price does not fit all in copywriting.


Here’s my best shot at a pricing page.



Bundled Deals are available, and that’s the usual route people take. 


Optimized Blogs - $200/1000 words

Website Copy - $300 per page

Landing Pages - $500+

Product Descriptions - $50+

Newsletters - $100+

Ebooks and Opt-Ins - $300+


Hi, I’m Helen. I’m an SEO consultant, copywriter, and all-around animal nerd.


Before I started in SEO content, I was a dog handler and trainer - first in Brooklyn, then in Austin, TX.


(Yes, I’ve spent a lot of time picking fur off my clothes.)


Over the decades, I came to appreciate the wide scope of people who support healthy pets.


It’s not just their owners. It’s a big old team.


  • Veterinarians

  • Dog Walkers

  • Pet Sitters

  • Kennels

  • Stables

  • Groomers

  • Trainers and Behaviorists

  • Nutritionists

  • Animal Advocates

  • Pet Consumable Producers

  • And on and on...​

Smiling woman with a small black dog in her lap.

These are cool people. I like these people. When I started in digital marketing, I knew this was the industry I wanted to write for. 

Now I write compelling, relevant, positive copy that drives the market toward businesses I believe in.

I’m big on open communication and active listening. Your needs are heard. Your goals are underlined. Your values are reflected in the copy.


And  - brag - I breathe life into the page. Yes, I’m an SEO Copywriter. I’m going to blog for traffic. I'll create copy that converts. But always with interesting content that shares optimism, authority, and clarity.

I’m big on saving clients’ time too. So I pride myself on efficient turnaround times and dependable delivery. 


In my spare time I cuddle with dogs and cats, hike and ride horses. I love farmer’s markets, bakeries, and live theatre.

What can I do for you? 


Just tap the link below. Book your free SEO Consultation. 

Let's get your website ranking!

  • How long will it take for my website to climb in Google’s search results?
    SEO isn’t an exact science. In fact, I’d be suspicious of any SEO copywriter who makes bold claims or crystal ball type forecasts. ​ I can say with confidence that targeted content and, above all, consistent upkeep typically yield results in a few months.
  • How much does it cost?
    It depends on the package we put together. SEO is a long game. I take clients on for a minimum of 6 months. You have to put out consistent content to see real change. That being said, you’re likely to spend between $500 to 2k dollars a month - an amount easy to recoup through your higher inbound leads.
  • Can you do a test piece for me?
    Absolutely! In fact, I insist on it. ​ Before we commit to an SEO strategy for your business, it’s a good idea to get to know each other. We can choose one small project, work to the finish line, and find out if I’m the right SEO copywriter for you. ​
  • I’m interested in content marketing for my business, but is SEO copywriting manipulative?
    Not if we offer the reader real value. ​ Yes, there’s “clickbait,” out there. You know the stuff - “7 Signs He’s About to Leave You, #5 Will Shock You!” ​ But my kind of content marketing is about creating a trail of useful information - content that relieves anxiety, supplies solutions, and points users in the right direction. ​ With that kind of copy, a prospective client can sample your point of view while having their needs met. Their trust is earned and a new connection’s made. Good SEO marketing is a win for everyone.
  • Why don’t you offer social media as an SEO copywriter? Can you do that for me?
    I can. And I do. But it's not listed because I don't usually start there. Scooping up followers feels great. And it can have some real impact for a launch or supporting a brand. But it doesn’t move the needle long-term on sales if you don’t first have a beefed-up site, clean meta data, and an optimized blog. You don’t become a giant in the market without a healthy website that ranks. That’s what I do as an SEO copywriter. ​​
  • I’m interested in using an SEO copywriter. I’d like to hear more. What should I do next?
    We should talk. Just tap the box below and sign up for a free SEO consultation. It's usually a 30-ish minute chat. We can discuss where your site is wobbly and what you want to achieve. From that I can sketch out a content strategy that makes sense for your business. After that, I’ll email you some options. We can go from there.

Let me know if you have any questions or tap the link for an appointment. 

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